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Frequently asked questions

  • Why Unibalm for bruise treatment?
    We set out to create a remedy for bruises having read a number of medical papers that both came to the same conclusion - when tested under controlled conditions Arnica was found to be better than placebo' * "you can't knock the placebo effect - many doctors will tell you the success stories they have witnessed from the use of placebos and it is widely recognised that the power of the human body to heal itself is stronger than one might think. However, we wanted to create a product that could actually stop bruises rather than possibly having a healing effect just because we think it does!"
  • I've seen the pictures, but how big is the pot?"
    A pot of Unibalm fits in the palm of your hand, in your pocket, handbag, you can take it anywhere.
  • Where is Unibalm made?
    At our factory in the UK
  • Can I Use Unibalm On Infants?
    There is conflicting research on this, but we don't recommend using products containing essential oils (or scents of any kind) on infants under 1 year old. Essential Oils are powerful and while many people have safely used essential oils in safe dilutions, we feel they are a bit too strong for newborns. Always do what you feel is right for your family. As always, use your discretion and check with your physician if you have any concerns.
  • Do you have a Re-Use Program for Unibalm containers?
    Can I Send My Pot Back to You? At this point, we are not able to re-use/re-fill pots, but we highly encourage you to recycle your container by re-using it for another purpose or by recycling it just as you would any other pot.
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