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Guy Preston founder of Unibalm

We’ve created Unibalm for everyone who’s bruised themselves

and really wishes they hadn’t.


The immediate words that came to mind when we started development were:

Fast-acting; effective; anti-inflammatory; and above all… stop bruising!


Having spent 5 years researching, developing and sourcing the finest ingredients, working with industry experts in natural remedies and cosmetics we have formulated something very special.


We are proud to present Unibalm – it’s filled with natural anti-inflammatories that will help stop a bruise from forming when applied as soon as possible after knocks and bumps.


We make Unibalm here in the UK using the highest quality natural ingredients.


Here is our promise to you:

If you buy a pot of Unibalm, when needed apply the cream immediately to a nasty bump and after an hour or so don’t feel that it has had a dramatic result in reducing your expected bruising then send it back to us within 2 weeks of purchase and we will refund you for the cost of the cream.


About Unibalm

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